Palekh Hand Painted One of a Kind "The Princess of Sultan" by Suloeva

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  A lacquer box from the school of Palekh.  The subject is presented upon a lacquer box 


 that is a triple casket type, in design, by artist Suloeva.  She produces a lacquer box that is


composed of the normal papier-mâché, looking into the Kingdom of Sultan. The box has a drawer in the


middle of the structure.


                             The artists' work is composed upon a triple lid lacquer box, that is huge.                       


This artist has a high degree of a notarized acceptance, she has a great artistic talent. 


          The lacquer box weighs about 5 pounds.                     Size: 13.5 by 6 by 4.5 inches. A hidden jewel. 

Any patches in the photos are from the camera's light reflection.