Russian Replica Red Enameled Faberge egg with Bumble Bee, Flowers and Leaves in Decor gold decor and gem bands

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This is a replica of a work by Carl Faberge.

Large, like a large Bee Nest within one piece, having
the base rustic Bronze (like) Flowers with loaded gems,
Leaves that each have their own subject being expressed.
Beautiful ring with studded gems. Opens , inside that is whole
for items to be secured. Spaced with lovely enameled
Colors of Red, Gold, White and Black, with beautifully
created scenes built with gemstones embedded and a gems.
The golden patterns all around the egg with a gem decorated
Crown on top. Weighing over 2 pounds itself

Size: 6 plus by 4 by 4 inches.

Materials: enamel, stones, swarovski