One of a Kind Hand Painted and Hand Carved "Old Man Wearing a Mushroom Hat" by Marina Nadezhdina.

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Hand Painted and Hand Carved Old Man wearing a mushroom hat made by the very talented artist Marina Nadezhdina.

This beautiful Russian wooden hand-carved subject was hand painted by the most famous Russian artist, Marina Nadezdina. She is the most famous artist who makes Wood Carved Items. Her works are featured in many books and museums and she is very well known throughout Russia and many other parts of the world. Her Hand Carved works are quite hard to get and we have to wait extended periods of time to get a single piece from her. This gorgeous Russian Man in the Woods stands 19.0" tall and is approximately 12" x 9" in width and weighs 15 pounds. One can immediately identify it as Nadezdina masterpiece due to her very unique painting style. The title of this Russian hand carved wooden man is "Old Man in a Mushroom Hat".


  "This item has been sold, but orders of similar subject can be acquired from the Artist"