"Boy in a Top Hat" by Shenshina

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    This lacquer box made by Shenshina, of Fedoskino, is another excellent work by this couple.

We have a boy, with the face of innocence, almost hidden by an oversized Top Hat.  The colors

stand out, with a brown hat, the hat has a little figure inputted with a village in the background

(cannot be seen in a photo).  The box is constructed in layers of lacquer, to make a 3D appearance.

Many gear like items, and anything the artist found, was put into the edges of this wonderful piece.

On the corners they have put small teddy bears, with more decorating the work.  The artist signature

is on the inside of the box, in lacquered tab with date, title and name of artist. Size is approximately

4 by 3 by 2 inches.  An excellent work!