"The Artistic Jewellery of Russia" by T. Tishchenko (in English)

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This book tells the story of jewellery's 1000-year history in Russia, its world-renowned centres and the famous craftsmen whose art has become an integral part of Russian culture. Variety of shape, artistic perfection and virtuoso creation are characteristic not only of those items which are truly legendary (Yuri Dolgoruky's Chalice, the tsars' regalia, Peter l's snuffbox, the bagatelles of the "gallant century" spangled with gemstones, the Fabergé Easter Eggs) but also of the many items for serving at table, and the women's jewelery, dress uniforms, medals, fans, snuffboxes and cants which became a part of the everyday life of the Russian people. With its original illustrations, this book presents a panorama of how jewelery developed in Russia, from archaeological finds from the tenth century to the unique items of contemporary designers. It guides readers through the main styles and trends of this, the most interesting of the decorative and applied arts. Furthermore, it will provide great pleasure by introducing you to some of the wonderful items held not only in the collections of the best Russian museums (including the Kremlin Museums, the Hermitage and the State Historical Museum) but also in private collections.