Lomonosov Porcelain Animal Figurine of a Bear CUB LAYING

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A  Handcrafted Bear Cub laying down handmade from clay porcelain from the  lomonosov porcelain factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. This piece is  made from some of the best clay porcelain in the world. The Imperial  Lomonosov Porcelain factory has been in existence since 1744. Originally  the Tsars of Russia were the only ones that could afford the pieces.  Item is in stock and ready to be shipped. The Bear cub is 4.75 inches in  length and 3.5 inches in width. ( 1 inch= 2.5 cm). The piece is stamped  by the factory's seal of authenticity.

The Imperial Russian Lomonosov Porcelain factory was founded by  Empress Elizabeth, Peter the Great's daughter, in 1744. Here the gifted  Russian scientist Dmitry Vinogradov independently discovered the secret  of making porcelain and developed the technology for its manufacture and  the later creation of Lomonosov Russia.    Three hundred years ago no one in Europe had any idea of the materials  and techniques used in making porcelain. The Chinese kept the secrets of  porcelain production. Only in the early 18th century in Saxony the  alchemist Johan F. Bottger discovered a way to produce "European" hard  paste porcelain. These developments did not escape the notice of Peter  I. During his frequent visits to European countries, Peter I pursued his  interest in the secrets of porcelain manufacture and he attempted to  introduce it to Russia with the help of foreigners, but unsuccessfully.  Peter I's idea to establish his own porcelain production was brought to  life two decades later by h