Susal'noe Zoloto "Making a Fortune" by Kornilova

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   A lacquer box from the school of Palekh.  The subject is mainly making a fortune, by artist

Natalie Kornilova.  She produces a lacquer box that is composed of the normal papier-mâché,

looking into "Sussal Gold", "Making a Fortune", 'Gadania' or 'Sryatri', presented as melted gold painted.

On the inside of the lid there is an emblem for that desire of making money (here gold). 

There is so much mother-of-pearl, making a beautiful background and composition.  This

artist should have a high degree of a notarized acceptance, but today still a hidden artist,

great artistic talent.  Size: 3.5 by 3 by1.5 inches. A hidden jewel.